Delivering Bioanalytical Innovation to You, Wherever You Are

 As an online center for sharing specialized knowledge, Virtual Podium brings you on-demand insights from leading bioanalytical minds.

The innovation in our laboratories doesn’t stop between conferences, and our delivery of leading insights shouldn’t have to either. Determined to share valuable opinions and knowledge to our industry in a timely way, we founded Virtual Podium—an innovative online forum that gives you access to bioanalytical thought leaders, wherever you are. Now, you don’t have to wait until the next event to hear leading scientists discuss the latest bioanalytical topics and exciting trends. Instead we’ve brought the podium to you.  

For the first time online, Virtual Podium offers first person insights into the minds that are shaping bioanalytical innovation. In concise, engaging video segments, our scientists share their expertise, experiences, and advice. is an open forum for sharing specialized bioanalytical knowledge and engaging in meaningful discussions, with the end goal of advancing bioanalytical practices everywhere.

Our scientists are renowned and respected industry leaders—both in and out of the lab. These men and women have been spearheading bioanalytical breakthroughs for decades, and now they have made themselves available to you. In addition to their Virtual Podium talks, each of our scientific speakers offers actionable avenues for continued conversation, so that you are not only able to hear from the experts, but engage with them too.

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“Virtual Podium is a breakthrough in the exchange of vital bioanalytical knowledge. With this exciting forum, we hope to elevate bioanalytical practices everywhere, and better serve our partners worldwide.”

-- Afshin Safavi, Ph.D., Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, BioAgilytix